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Timber Hut

Do you know how this Timber Hut relates to the Department of Fine Arts?

Timber Hut is where the Department Office was first located in 1978. The Department Head, Chuang Shen, together with a lecturer, Judy Ho, and supporting staff, including Clara the secretary and Kitty the clerk, had their offices in this space. There was also a Society Room for the Fine Arts Society to organize events and extra-curricular programmes.

Now, Timber Hut is no longer there, not even the very ground on which it once stood, known as the Chemistry Lawn (or Chem Lawn in short). It was a strip of land that once connected the Main Building and the Chemistry Building. That’s right, the driveway did not exist back then. Leveling at the first floor of the Main Building, Timber Hut would have been just out there!

Main Building, HKU, 1970s
Image Courtesy: University Archives, the University of Hong Kong

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