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Learning about art from books and on screens is fascinating, but seeing works in situ, examining masterpieces in close proximity, feeling their scale and texture, such experience is just incomparable. What is more, when your classmates and teachers are all there together, going on a trip like that is perhaps one of the greatest highlights of your university years!

The University and individual donors have been very generous in supporting HKU Fine Arts student travel through both faculty-led and individual trips. In recent years, around 20-30 Fine Arts students each year benefit from the following travel grants:

  • HKU Museum Society Travel Grants
  • The UOB Scholarship in Fine Arts
  • Art and Education Travel Grants for Fine Art Students

Share your experience! If there are some memorable old photos you took on the road, please send us a copy (with caption) to enrich the department portfolio!

Here is a list of department trips. Did you go to one of these?

Academic YearDestination(s)Person in Charge
1981-1982 Silk Road Anita Wong
1982-1983 JapanShih Hsio-yen
1983-1984 Silk Road Molly Ho
1984-1985TaiwanChuang Shen
1985-1986JapanRichard Stanley-Baker
1986-1987ItalyDavid Clarke
1988-1989JapanShih Hsio-yen
1990-1991IndiaShih Hsio-yen
1991-1992ChinaWan Qingli
1992-1993ChinaShih Hsio-yen
1993-1994IndiaRajeshwari Ghose
1995-1996Taiwan; India Chou Ju-hsi; Rajeshwari Ghose
1997-1998ChinaYeung Chun Tong
1998-1999ChinaWang Wen-jian
2005-2006JapanKoon Yeewan
2006-2007TaiwanKoon Yeewan & Roslyn Hammers
2008-2009JapanKoon Yeewan
2010-2011ShanghaiRoslyn Hammers
2011-2012Taiwan; Macao; Japan Opher Mansour; Opher Mansour; Koon Yeewan
2012-2013Shanghai Roslyn Hammers
2013-2014United Kingdom Koon Yeewan & Roslyn Hammers
2014-2015 Spain Opher Mansour
2017-2018Macao; Beijing Opher Mansour; Vivian Sheng
2018-2019Korea; Shanghai; Netherlands Koon Yeewan; Vivian Sheng; Opher Mansour

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