About the Exhibition

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Message by Dr. Yeewan KOON

Assistant Professor

Department of Fine Arts

University of Hong Kong

This exhibition is the product of hard work that began with serendipity and thrived with synergy. A number of students at Hong Kong University were discussing the ways in which exhibitions tell stories. The Art Promotion Office was reaching out to different institutions to create collaborative projects that can promote visual arts in the region. The Austrian Consulate was keen to introduce two leading Viennese artists to Hong Kong. “Fantasies and Crises: Works of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele” is the coming together of people and ideas from different places.

Fantasies and Crises tells the story of two important artists at the turn of the twentieth century when the world was rapidly changing, and which ultimately led to the First World War. It is often at these cataclysmic moments when creativity finds a voice to express, to question, and to retreat. Klimt, known for his erotically charged decorativeness, and Schiele, known for his intense and daring portraits, approach their work from different places, but common threads tie these two artists. The HKU curatorial team led by Candy Leung and Grace Cheng with Yu Shijia, Miles Dugan  and Zhu Wenqi, brings the stories of the two artists together and do so with the help and support of the Art Promotion Office, the Austrian Consulate of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Arts Student Knowledge Exchange Scheme.

這次展覽始於一次偶然的機遇,而在協力合作中成長。幾位香港大學的學生在研究如何透過藝術展覽來講述故事;藝術推廣辦事處聯繫不同的機構力求開發合作項目在本地推廣視覺藝術;而奧地利領事館熱心於將兩位維也納藝術大師介紹給香港。“幻想與危機:奧地利畫家古斯塔夫・克林姆及埃貢・席勒展覽 ” 匯集了來自不同地方的人及各方的意念。

幻想與危機講述了兩位二十世紀初重要藝術家的故事。此時的世界正經歷著巨變,而這些變化將最終引發第一次世界大戰。創造力常常在災難性的時刻尋找聲音去表達,去質問,同時也是去尋求庇護。克林姆以他那帶有色慾元素的裝飾性風格而聞名,而席勒以他大膽而激烈的肖像為人所知。他們從不同的角度進行創作,但兩人仍不無共同之處。在藝術推廣辦事處,香港奧地利領事館和香港大學文學院知識交流項目的協助和支持下,香港大學學生梁芷柔和鄭以旋領導俞世嘉、Miles Dugan和朱文祺的策展團隊將兩位大師的故事聯繫起來,呈現給觀眾。

 香港大學藝術系助理教授 官綺雲