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The primary organizing principle of the photo archive is by date. Some dates may have more than one photo, perhaps many, but there will also be a large number of dates for which no photo is available.  If you are searching for images from a certain time you can make use of date to find them, or if you are searching for a particular person, place or topic they you can use keyword search (please enter search terms using English only).  A more comprehensive search can be undertaken by choosing the option to search words in captions and any associated texts as well as keywords, but one should be prepared for the possibility of irrelevant results when using this broader search option. When using this more comprehensive option one can try searching any word, and not just choose from amongst the keywords suggestions which will pop up as one types. By narrowing your search as much as is feasible (perhaps by using a combination of dates and keywords, or by using more than one keyword with 'and' rather than 'or' linking them) you can prevent an overload of search results. A scrollable list of keywords is provided (with a facility for jumping directly to a specific letter of the alphabet) so that you can see the range of keywords that are used in this archive.  Sometimes you may need to search using a wider keyword category (such as a geographical district, rather than a particular street name), and then browse through the results to see if what you want is there. Please be aware, though, that it is impossible for all potential keywords to be employed, and thus you may find it necessary to browse through the whole archive directly to discover what you are looking for (please use the ‘Browse by Date’ tab to search in this mode).  In fact, it is hoped that many users will enjoy engaging directly with the images by browsing through them, rather than approaching the archive via a filter of words. If you are not searching for anything in particular but just want to see what is there then that visual approach is the recommended one. You can either start at the beginning of the chronological sequence or choose your own starting date to browse from. Alternatively, to browse without respect to date at all you can use the 'Lucky Dip' function. All images have caption information, and some have additional textual information associated with them as appropriate. The keywords listed on an individual image’s page might give clues about finding similar images if they should be required.  This website is designed to function on mobile devices as well as on personal computers, but the use of a larger screen is recommended where this is possible.