Hong Kong Art: A Chronological Database of Art Exhibitions in Hong Kong

This online searchable resource aims to provide a chronology of art events in Hong Kong, whether they feature Hong Kong artists or those from overseas. It also serves as the catalogue of a collection of art exhibition announcement cards kept in the HKAA. The database is arranged chronologically by the opening date of art exhibitions. Users may search by year, exhibition title keyword and artist's name. Alternatively, users may browse the entire database.

This database has been prepared by David Clarke, Associate Professor in the Department of Art History, The University of Hong Kong, with the assistance of HKAA staff (in particular Connie Lo and Silvia Fok). Research on which this database is based has been supported by the following grants: Hong Kong Research Grant Council Earmarked Grant for Research (project number HKU7176/OOH); Seed Funding Grant, HKU University Research Committee.

Copyright David Clarke 2002.

Year, Exhibition Title Keyword and Artist's Name Search

Select the year(s) and type as much as you want in the box(es) below starting from the top box, and then click on the "submit search" button. Artists' names should be searched in the format in which they are normally written. (eg. Wucius Wong, not Wong, Wucius) The most comprehensive results are obtained by searching for a surname, since given names will only appear in the result page if entered as exactly in the database. (eg. entries for Wong Wo Bik will also be found under Wong Wo-bik.) Entries for some artists may be found under more than one form of their name. (eg. Leung Chi Wo or Warren Leung) A simultaneous search by more than one name format is possible where variants are already known. Artists names may also be searched for as a Title keyword.

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Explanation to phrases and symbols used in cells:

Various artists: Many artists participated in the exhibition but their names were not given on the exhibition invitation cards. Due to some limitations, not all artists participating could be shown for some entries. The word "etc." is used to show that there are further artists participating. For detailed information, please refer to the corresponding exhibition invitation cards where these are available.

The Hong Kong Art Archive is honoured to be chosen as one of the HKU Faculty of Arts 90th Anniversary projects.

Last updated: 3 July, 2020.