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Chan Chung Shu 陳中樞
Name in pinyin: Chen Zhongshu
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1952-
Art Medium: painting
Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts, and the First Institute of Art and Design in 1971 and 1974 respectively. He later founded the Des Montagnes Studio in 1979. He was tutor at the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts from 1976 to 1979; a lecturer at the First Institute of Art and Design from 1985 to 1994. He immigrated to Canada in 1995. At present, he is a full time artist. Since 1971, he has held seven solo exhibitions and over sixty group exhibitions in various Asian countries as well as France, Canada, and the USA.
Light in Shadow No.3 靈光深處#3 (1991) Watercolour on paper 25x17.5cmLight in Shadow No. 18 靈光深處#18 (1991) Watercolour on paper 25x17.5cmThe Life No. 2 營營、逸逸、人生 (1993) Watercolour on paper 17.5x25cmThe Hill No. 1 山戀峰嶺 (1993) Oil on canvas 90x90cm
Red and Green 紅與綠 (1994) Pastel on paper 55x75cmPassing Through Prosperity No. 8 繁華過客 (1995) Oil on canvas 150x150cmWood No. 5 (1998) Watercolour on paper 55x75cmWomen (1998) Pastel on paper 55x75cm
Wood No. 8 (1998) Watercolour on paper 27.5x37.5cmOn the Street No. 3 (1999) Watercolour on paper 55x75cmNude (1999) Pastel on paper 55x75cmDream on the Street No. 6 (2000) Watercolour on paper
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