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Chan Gaylord 陳餘生
Name in pinyin: Chen Yusheng
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1925-2020
Art Medium: painting
Chan is a self-taught artist, who took his first art lesson at the Extra-Mural Studies Course of The University of Hong Kong. He is particularly interested in acrylic painting with pure colours and bold, simple forms. His works have a high degree of abstraction showing semi-figurative imagery that may sometimes appear naive or erotic. He founded and chaired the Artmatch Group in 1995. His works were shown in more than 100 major exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas. Chan was awarded the MBE in 1986 and won the Artist of the Year Awards of Hong Kong in 1990.
[Four Feathers] 四羽 (1972) Wood carved print 54x78cmSun Bridge Again (Not dated) Oil on canvas Signal 號 (1977) Acrylic on canvas 122x122cmClip 夾 (1979) Acrylic on canvas 122x122cm
[Remembering the Dear Ones] 念慈 (1986) Acrylic on canvas 90x110cmThe Psalm of Red 紅色頌歌 (1995) Acrylic on canvas 122x93cmHang 掛 (1995) Acrylic on canvas 122x91.5cmBWS10000 黑白系列 10000 (1998) Acrylic on canvas 123x92cm
M.O.B. 寞 (1998) Acrylic on canvas 123x92cmBWS E13 黑白系列 E13 (1998) Acrylic on canvas 123x92cmMale Taro 雄芋 (1999) Acrylic on canvas 123x92cmOver Toast 烤過了頭 (1999) Acrylic on canvas 123x92cm
A Piece of Toast 一件多士 (1999) Acrylic on canvas 123x92cmI Can Move About 我可以走動 (Not dated) Acrylic on board 122x122cm
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Chan, Gaylord 陳餘生 2004 Artist's Statement [in Chinese]

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