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Chan Ping Tim 陳炳添
Name in pinyin: Chen Bingtian
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1937-
Art Medium: ceramics,sculpture
Chan has intensive experience in art teaching. He was Head of the Department of Art and Design at Northcote College of Education from 1988 to 1994. As an artist, he specializes in sculpture and ceramics. His works demonstrate his ability to make use of different materials such as bronze, clay, and glass fibre. Chan is particularly keen on showing human figures in motion, and one of his favorite themes is dance. Chan has been particularly active after his retirement. Since 1997, his solo exhibitions in sculpture and ceramics have been held annually in Hong Kong.
Relief (I) 浮彫 (一) (1972) Ceramics 94.5x94.5cmColumn (I) 柱(一) (1973) Ceramics 30.5x73x30.5cmColumn (II) 柱(二) (1973) Ceramics 30x30x67cmUntitled (I) 無題 (一) (1974) Ceramics 41x25.5x41cm
Quartet (II) 四重奏(二) (1974) Ceramics 122x62cmGroup Dance (II) 群舞(二) (1997) Ceramics 32.5x34x48cmFestival (II) 節日(二) (1997) Reinforced glass fiber 117x88x159cmDuet (III) 雙人舞(三) (1998) Bronze 36x20x57.5cm
Solo 單人舞 (1998) Bronze 47.5x37x72cm
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