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Choi Yan Chi 蔡仞姿
Name in pinyin: Cai Renzi
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1949-
Art Medium: environmental art,mixed media work,performance
Choi graduated from Northcote College of Education and Grantham College of Education in 1969 and 1970. She graduated with degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1976 and 1977. From 1979 to 1993, Choi taught at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. From 1993 to 1997, she resided in Toronto, Canada. In 1998, she established 1a Art Space, a contemporary non-profit art space funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. She resumed teaching at Hong Kong Technical College, Tsing Yi in 1999. She has held eight solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, New York, Germany and Canada and has also participated in numerous group shows in Hong Kong and overseas.
Light Adventure 光影樂 (1985) Installation of double sided mirrors Stepping into Space 形彩之外 (1985) Painting, installation, acrylic board and canvas As Slow as Possible 慢之極 (1987) Hanging water bags, ice & pools of water Eight Links 八段迴環 (1988) Stage performance with mirrors and moving toys
Objectivities 東西遊戲 (1989) Performance, six weeks after “June 4” Objectivities 東西遊戲 (1989) One scene from the performance Drowned I 沉溺 (一) (1989) Installation of fish tanks, bubbling water floating objects, fan and photocopy on wall Am I Turning Right (1990) Colour print on paper
Double Shadow 重影 (1991) Outdoor Installation at Yellow Spring, U.S.A. From June to October (Exhibition at Haus de Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Germany) 由六月到十月 (1993) Wall painted red with chandelier and music Drowned III 沉溺 (三) (1993) Close up of installation showing the flow of single air bubble up at one per second Drowned III (Representing Hong Kong at the First Asia Pacific Triennial, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia) 沉溺 (三) (1993) Piles of books drowned in oil
1x20 Untitled (1993) Acrylic on board with wall painted in light greenish grey Drowned IV (Solo Exhibition at Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto) 沉溺 (四) (1994) Beige colour wall, homely furniture, books drowned in oil, life fish kept in picture frame Hybreeder (Exhibited in Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada) (1995) An object filled with tea leaves and coffee beans Landscape in the Mist (1996) Painting, acrylic and mixed media on board and mirror
Landscape in the Mist (Right), Behind the Coffee Table (Left) (View of two paintings in solo Show in Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Canada) (1996) Painting, acrylic and mixed media on board and mirror Past and Future (3) (Installation at Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, Australia) 思前想後(三) (1998) Installation. A huge blackboard with student's desk tops hanging on the wall Journey to Treasure Island 寶島之旅 (1998) Installation at "River" show in Taipei Journey to Treasure Island (close up) 寶島之旅(細部) (1998) Glass cabinets with circular tray and items of exchanged objects
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Tsang Hing Ling 曾慶靈 2002 Choi Yan Chi interviewed by Tsang Hing Ling [in Chinese 中文訪問]
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