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Chung Tai Fu 鍾大富
Name in pinyin: Zhong Dafu
Also known as:
Place of birth:
Dates: 1956-
Art Medium: printmaking,sculpture
Before Chung graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1981, his work had already been included in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition of 1979. Later he studied printmaking in Japan. His study of printing methods included relief, intaglio and lithography. Chung's works reveal his concern with Man in nature, which is reflected in a series of etchings in which rocks were used. He is also keen on using various materials such as gold and silver leaf found during his stay in Japan. His more recent work involves more abstract compositions.
Authority 皇帝的權杖 (1990) Acrylic & silver leaf on paper 48x72cmColdness of Winter 冬天裡的冰寒 (1990) Acrylic & silver leaf on paper 48x72cmEmotional Rock 情緒的石塊 (1990) Etching 55x57cmGaruda 鳥神 (1990) Etching 58x50cm
Garuda 鳥神 (1990) Etching 58x50cmNight Escape 夜逃 (1991) Etching 55x57cmEmptiness 空 (1991) Etching 55x57cmHope For Reunion 祈待著重逢 (1992) Etching 40x60cm
Pride and Romance 驕傲與浪漫 (1992) Etching 75x55cmGone With The Wind 隨風而逝 (1994) Etching 40x60cmWings 翼 (1995) Wood & gold leaf 60x28x60cmCultural Migration 文化移植 (1999) Etching 56x76cm
Midnight Trip 深夜之旅 (1999) Mixed media on paper 56x76cmBefore the 4th of June 六˙四之前 (1999) Mixed media on paper 56x76cmOn the 4th of June 六月四日 (1999) Mixed media on paper 56x76cmAfter the 4th of June 六˙四之後 (1999) Mixed media on paper 56x76cm
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