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Ho Hing Kay, Oscar 何慶基
Name in pinyin: He Qingji
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1956-
Art Medium: mixed media work
Born in Hong Kong in 1956, Oscar Ho Hing-kay got his B.F.A. degree at the University of Saskatchwan, and M.F.A. at the University of California, Davis. He had been lecturer at the Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Polytechnic University, and was the founding president of the Hong Kong branch of the International Association of Art Critics. From 1988 to 2001, he was the Exhibition Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, curating around 100 local and international exhibitions during this period. His art works, which include sculptures, paintings and drawings, were exhibited in Europe, U.S.A. and Australia. He was also a founding member of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and was responsible for writing the first Five Years Plan of the Council. Currently he is a senior research officer in cultural policy at the Home Affairs Bureau.
Curtain View (1979) Mixed media collage on paper Summer Window (1980) Mixed media on paper 3'2"x4'6"Late at Night (1980) Acrylic on masonite 3'10"x5'10"Summer (1981) Metal paint, acrylic, silkscreen ink on metal sheet 4'2"x1'3"
The Great Wave (1982) Mixed media Only One Escape (1983) Mixed media 20"x21"x5"A Little Surprise (1983) Mixed media Lost in the Forest (But Not Afraid) (1983) Mixed media
Overture to a Dream That Doesn't Quite Come True (1984) Mixed media 21"x23"x10"A Semi-Scary Date 半帶驚惶的約會 (1984) Mixed media 22"x24"x16"A Semi-Scary Date (Another View) 半帶驚惶的約會 (1984) Mixed media 22"x24"x16"I'm a Tiger 我是老虎 (1985) Mixed media
A Yellow Bird Peeks into my Dream (1991) Mixed media Stories Around Town (1992) Mixed media on paper Stories Around Town (1993) Mixed media on paper Stories Around Town (1994) Mixed media on paper
Stories Around Town (1995) Mixed media on paper Stories Around Town (1995) Mixed media on paper A 30 Years Old Tree Recalling His Glorious Years (1996) Mixed media
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