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Ho Siu Kee 何兆基
Name in pinyin: He Zhaoji
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1964-
Art Medium: body art,mixed media work,sculpture
Ho completed both his BA degree and Diploma in Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, USA, with a MFA degree in 1995. Since then, He has been active in organizing solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macao & Taipei; as well as participating in group shows in Hong Kong and worldwide. He also participated in the Venice Biennial in 2001. He has received several awards and residencies: Civitella Ranieri Fellowship (Civitella Ranieri Center, Italy); Starr Foundation Fellowship (Asian Cultural Council, New York); Fellowship for Artistic Development (Hong Kong Arts Development Council) & Urban Council Arts Awards (Hong Kong Museum of Art). He is Senior Lecturer at The Art School of the Hong Kong Arts Centre.
Walking on Two Balls 雙球上行步 (1995) Video and mixed media installation Dimension variableTo Melt a Frozen Lake 化轉 (1995) Video and mixed media installation, object 40x50x30cmClosed System 封閉系統 (1995) Mixed media installation Colour Xerox: 40x60cm, Object: 30x20x20cmContact Point 接觸點 (1995) Video and mixed media installation Dimension variable
Flying Machine 飛行機器 (1995-96) Body Sculpture, digital print Colour Xerox: 60x90cm, Object: 390x300x35cmTransfiguration 變相 (1996) Colour Xerox 91x45.5 cm.Finger Compass 指南針 (1996) Mixed media installation Colour Xerox: 90x33x5cm, Object: 18x13x13cmColumn 柱 (1996) Mixed media installation Object: 274 cm(H)x13cm(D)
The Third Eye 第三隻眼 (1996) Body Sculpture, digital print Body Protractor (1996) Body sculpture, digital print Body/Space 身體空間 (1996) Mixed media installation Colour Xerox: 60x40cm, Object: 30x20x20cmGravity Hoop 倒置景觀(地心吸力環) (1997) Body sculpture, digital print
Extended Height 延伸高度 (1998) Steel sculpture, performance, photo collage Inclining Motion: Sisyphus Chair 斜坡運動 – 薛西弗斯的椅子 (1998) Video installation Limited Space/ Prescribed Motion (1998) Video installation Per/Con-ception Body 感知/身體/概念 (1999) Video installation
Features: In-between Similarities and Difference 殊相 – 似與不似之間 (1999) Digital image Body Shape (2000) Digital image Head Piece - Manner #1 (2000) Body sculpture, digital print Body Memory 身體記憶 (2001) Video Installation
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Leung Po Shan 梁寶山 2001 Ho Siu Kee interviewed by Leung Po Shan [in Chinese 中文訪問]
Contact the artist: getkee@yahoo.com, siu-kee@siu-kee.com
Official artist website: http://www.siu-kee.com/

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