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Hon Chi Fun 韓志勳
Name in pinyin: Han Zhixun
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1922-2019
Art Medium: painting,serigraphic print
Hon started to make outdoor sketches in oil in 1956. In 1958, he participated in a group show. He was selected for the first Hong Kong Arts Festival Exhibition. Hon started to paint abstract painting in 1960 and organized his one-man show at Chatham Galleries. He joined the Circle Art Group in 1965 and made his first edition of serigraphic prints in 1966. He was the first in Hong Kong to be awarded a J D Rochefeller III Fund Fellowship in 1969. He traveled extensively from 1970 to 1978. He held a one-man show at the Fung Ping Shan Museum in 1988. The Documentary video 'Hon's Orbit' introducing his work was produced by the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 1989. Hon moved to Canada in 1992. In 1999, he held another one-man show at the Fung Ping Shan Museum. In 2000, another documentary video, 'Hon's Art of Serigraphy,' was produced by the Heritage Museum and the book on Hon's art (Space and Passion) was published. Hon was seized by a stroke in 2000 and has since returned to Hong Kong where he continues to paint and practise calligraphy.
Realm II 境 (二) (1964) Oil on canvas Colloquy 對話 (1964) Oil on canvas Better Be Gone 去兮 (1965) Mixed media 40x40inUpstream 溯流 (1967) Acrylic, oil & silk screen on canvas 36x36in
Self (3) 我之三 (1969) Silk screen, canvas, acrylic on paper 18x18inOurs to Give 須彌 (1969) Acrylic, oil rubbed on top, silk-screened 52x52inRed Fathom 赤噚 (1970) Acrylic, silk-screen 60x60inGiven Light 明經 (1970) Silk screen, acrylic box
Wet Enigma 濡偈 (1972) Spray acrylic on canvas 52x52inSecret Code 卿卿 (1974) Acrylic on canvas 168x168cmThe Way of Lotus 頓漸 (1974) Acrylic on canvas 132x132cmWhen Mountains Roar 山鳴 (1981) Acrylic on canvas 203x812cm
Season with a Name 落月 (1983) Acrylic on canvas Silent and White 幽方 (1987) Acrylic on canvas 81x81cmFlower and Message 飄花 (1987) Acrylic on canvas 133x133cmSilver Profile 素姿 (1988) Acrylic on canvas 91x182cm
Water Curtain 水簾 (1989) Oil, acrylic on canvas, montage 62.5x122cmDiary of a Butterfly 蝶跡 (1996) Oil & acrylic on canvas The Wind Chaser 追風 (1999) Oil & laser print on canvas 61x244cmOut of Ranges 出岫 (2000) Oil & acrylic on canvas 101x101cm
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