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Hung Hoi 熊海
Name in pinyin: Xiong Hai
Also known as:
Place of birth: Fujian, China
Dates: 1957-
Art Medium: painting
Hung studied Chinese ink painting under the famous Hong Kong artist Yang Shanshen after he moved to Hong Kong in 1978. His landscape paintings are executed in a monumental style comparable to that of the classic Northern school manner. Hung has made continual appearances in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition since 1981. A solo exhibition of his work was hosted by the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 1996. Hung's works have been widely exhibited and collected in Hong Kong and overseas.
Rock of Tiger Stream at Xiamen 夏門虎溪岩 (1981) Ink & colour on paper [Rhythm of the Waves] 浪韻 (1987) Ink on paper Autumn Hills 秋山 (1988) Ink & colour on paper Abundant Beauty of Mountains 江山勝景 (1992) Ink & colour on paper
[Lotus Peak] 蓮花峰 (1996) Ink & colour on paper [Hong Kong Series 3] 香江情懷系列之三 (1997) Ink & colour on paper [Landscape] 山水畫集 (1999) Ink & colour on paper [Landscape] 山水畫集 (1999) Ink & colour on paper
[Listening to the Fountain] 聽泉圖 (2000) Ink & colour on paper fan [7 Wise Men of the Bamboo] 竹林七賢 (2000) Ink & colour on paper
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