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Keung Pei Chong 姜丕中
Name in pinyin: Jiang Pizhong
Also known as:
Place of birth: China
Dates: 1920-
Art Medium: calligraphy,seal carving
Keung is a student of Deng Sanmu in seal carving. His works range from calligraphy and seal carving to frottage. Some of them are inspired by the works of Wu Changshuo, Zhao Shi, and Qi Baishi. Keung assimilates the techniques of painting, calligraphy, and seal carving in his works. Moreover, his calligraphy shows a strong flavour of tablet inscription. Keung settled in Hong Kong in 1979 and took up a career in art education thereafter. In 1986, he founded the Wu Lin Zhuang Chinese Painting Calligraphy and Seal Carving Society (later known as Wu Lin Zhuang Arts Association of Hong Kong).
[Looking Out] 外望 (Not dated) Watercolour on paper [Mai Po] 米埔 (Not dated) Ink on paper [Stupid Worries] 杞人憂天 (Not dated) Ink on paper [An Old Tale] 古老的傳說 (Not dated) Print on Wood
[Swamp] 沼澤 (Not dated) Oil on canvas [Exlibris] 書票 (Not dated) Print [Exlibris] 書票 (Not dated) Print [Exlibris] 書票 (Not dated) Print
[Exlibris] 書票 (Not dated) Print [Exlibris] 書票 (Not dated) Print [Under the Tai Mo Shan] 大帽山下 (Not dated) Oil on canvas [Morning in Mai Po] 米埔的早晨 (Not dated) Ink on paper
[Tea] 茶濃 (Not dated) Print, ink on paper [Tung Chung] 東涌 (Not dated) Oil on canvas
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