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Leung Yam Boon 梁蔭本
Name in pinyin: Liang Yinben
Also known as:
Place of birth: Guangdong, China
Dates: 1918-2004
Art Medium: painting
Leung specializes in oil painting. Apart from being an artist, he is also an art critic and academic. He has published eight books, which include his albums, instructions on painting techniques, art criticisms, and public lectures. Leung founded the Lingnan Art School in 1961, and was the Supervisor and Principal of that school until 1970. In 1986, he became Visiting Scholar of the Central Institute of Art in Beijing. Later on, he also gave lectures and demonstrations on Chinese traditional painting in Contra Costa College of California.
Flowers in a Vase 瓶花 (1957) Oil on canvas Portrait of a Girl 女像 (1958) Oil on canvas Telegraph Bay 鋼線灣 (1963) Oil on canvas Orchids 蘭 (1973) Ink on paper
The Journey (1): Hurricane 歸鳥(一) (1978) Ink on paper Lotus 蓮 (1985) Ink on paper Figure Drawing 人體 (1986) Charcoal on paper Before the Mirror 對鏡 (1990) Oil on canvas
Orchids 蘭 (1993) Oil on canvas Autumn: The Dam, the Paramatta River, Australia 秋 (1994) Oil on canvas
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