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Liew Come Tong 劉欽棟
Name in pinyin: Liu Qindong
Also known as:
Place of birth: Malaysia
Dates: 1949-
Art Medium: painting
Liew is playing multiple roles of artist, art teacher, and art critic. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at National Taiwan Normal University in 1971. Later he moved to Hong Kong and has actively participated in various joint and solo exhibitions since then. His work was selected in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition of 1977. Liew has a thorough training in traditional painting but he has also explored various media to modernize the idiom of ink painting. Most of his works are landscape paintings that convey a sense of tranquility and the message of harmony between man and nature.
[Evening] 暮 (1980) Watercolour on paper 93.5x96cm[Landmark, Central] 中環置地廣場 (1980) Watercolour on paper 69x101cm[Street View From Mirror] 玻璃中街景 (1980) Watercolour & white glue 69x101cm[A View of a Japanese Temple] 日本禪寺一景 (1982) Ink & colour on paper
[Silent Street] 寂寞的街道 (1983) Watercolour on paper 78.5x134cm[Autumn] 秋 (1984) Ink & colour on paper 69x69cm[Beginning of Spring] 立春 (1984) Watercolour on paper 69x69cm[Spring] 春 (1985) Ink & Colour on paper 69x69cm
[The Euro Trip 2] 歐陸之旅(二) (1985) Watercolour on paper 69x69cm[Night] 夜 (1988) Ink & Colour on paper 69x87cm[Fun of Wilderness in Snow] 雪嶺野趣 (1989) Ink & Colour on paper 69x69cm[A View in Wan Chai] 灣仔一景 (Not dated) Watercolour on paper 56x76cm
[Souvenir] 紀念品 (Not dated) Ink & colour on paper 93x96cm[Fun] 情趣 (Not dated) Collage, mixed media 56x76cm[Vase & Sun Flower] 福桃瓶與向日葵 (Not dated) Watercolour on paper 76x56cm[Window] 窗 (Not dated) Watercolour on paper 76x56cm
[Untitled] 無題 (1990) Ink on paper 138x34.7cm[Flowers & A Lily Vase] 荷花瓶與鳶尾花 (Not dated) Watercolour on paper 76x56cm[Untitled] 無題 (Not dated) Ink & Colour on paper 69x69cm[Houses in Mountain] 山居 (Not dated) Watercolour on paper 69x69cm
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