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Liu Siu Jane 廖少珍
Name in pinyin: Liao Shaozhen
Also known as:
Place of birth: Macao
Dates: 1952-
Art Medium: printmaking
Liu completed her Master degree in the University of Illinois in Chicago. She specializes in lithography and etching. Liu's work incorporates the traditional brushwork of Chinese ink painting. Before 1981, Liu mostly concentrated on the human figure. After 1982, she tended to represent natural objects more often in her work to express certain rules of nature and their paradoxes, as well as to symbolize her personal experience. Liu has participated in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition several times between 1979-85. She also won the Urban Council Award of Fine Arts in Printmaking in the 1985 Biennial Exhibition.
Man with Moons (1982) Lithograph 75x55cmUntitled (1985) Lithograph 68x52cmUntitled No. 3 (1986) Lithograph 75x55cmUntitled No. 6 (1986) Lithograph 75x55cm
Untitled No. 7 (1989) Lithograph Untitled No. 8 (1989) Lithograph 75x55cmSeries of Life IV 生命系列IV (1997) Lithograph 45x45cmSeries of Life II 生命系列 II (1997) Lithograph 45x45cm
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