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Mok Hing Ling 莫慶靈
Name in pinyin: Mo Qingling
Also known as:
Place of birth: Guangdong, China
Dates: 1946-
Art Medium: painting
Mok started her art training in Hong Kong after settling in the city in 1973. She studied Chinese ink painting under Ding Yanyong in the 1970s. Mok combines traditional painting techniques with modern materials and brushstrokes. She specializes in landscape painting and her works often express her appreciation for and celebration of nature. Mok participated in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibitionof 1981 and 1983. In addition, her works were presented in various joint exhibitions in Australia, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and Russia. Her solo exhibitions were held in Hong Kong and Canada during the 1990s.
Anchor a Boat 煙堵泊舟 (1975) Ink & colour on paper 69x34cmMountain Scenery 野外 (1983) Ink on paper 34x138.5cmDeserted Mountain and Resilient Sun 山荒日麗 (1988) Ink on paper 138x68cmWhen Light Breaks 天際露顏 (1991) Ink on paper 70x136.5cm
After Rain 雨後山青 (1993) Ink on paper 64x104cmAfter Spring Rain 春雨後 (1995) Ink & colour on paper 97x60cmAutumnal Mountain 秋山 (1997) Ink & colour on paper 102x62cmA Range of Peaks 層巒疊嶂 (1998) Ink & colour on paper 63.8x106.8cm
Fall Season 落花季節 (1999) Ink & colour on paper 64.5x64.5cmThe Gloomy Clouds in Summer 夏日幽雲 (2000) Ink & colour on paper 128x76cm
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