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Ou Da Wei 區大為
Name in pinyin: Ou Da Wei
Also known as:
Place of birth:
Dates: 1947-
Art Medium: calligraphy,ink painting,painting,seal carving
Born in 1947, Ou excels in Chinese calligraphy, landscape painting and the art of seal carving. He once served as a tutor at the Department of Extra Mural Studies of the Baptist College, the Hong Kong First Institute of Art and Design, the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong. His art won him two awards, the Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Arts Award and the Hong Kong Art Development Council Award for Artistic Development. His publications include the 'Selected Seals by Ou Da Wei' series and 'Flowing from the Inkwell - Selected Brushwork by Ou Da Wei'. His works are in the collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
Spring Mist 空翠濕人衣 (1995) Ink on paper 85x45cmTranquility 閑雲潭影日悠悠 (1997) Ink on paper 58x58cmAbove the Mountains 回首亂山橫 (1999) Ink on paper 23x94cmMy Companion 相看兩不厭 (2000) Ink on paper 85x26cm
Clouds in Motion 千峰雲起 (2000) Ink on paper 23x94cmA Stroll 一個閑人天地間 (2000) Ink on paper 61x39.5cmMountain View 眾山如陣我旁觀 (2000) Ink on paper 55x98cmCalligraphy in Clerical Script 張瑞圖語 (1995) Ink on paper 137x69cm
Couplet in Clerical Script 李賀聯句 (1996) Ink on paper 118x27cmCouplet in Seal Script 元好問聯句 (1996) Ink on paper 125x23cmCalligraphy in Cursive Script 石濤詩 (1999) Ink on paper 174x77cmCalligraphy in Cursive Script 蘇軾句 (2000) Ink on paper 83x18cm
Calligraphy in Cursive Script 譚嗣同句 (2000) Ink on paper 137x34.5cmCalligraphy in Cursive Script 陶淵明句 (2000) Ink on paper 76x34.5cm[A Little Bit Silly] 有點癡 (1997) Seal carving 2.9x2.9cm[In the Ice-cold Water] 冰寒於水 (1997) Seal carving 7.2x7.1cm
[Decide For Oneself] 自作主張 (1997) Seal carving 4.9x4.9cm[Who Wake Up First From The Dream] 大夢誰先覺 (1998) Seal carving 7.8x6.9cm[Understand The Aspiration of The Cloud and High Mountain] 雲山有會心 (1999) Seal carving 2.6x2.6cm[His Graceful Calligraphy Could Not Be Appreciated by the Masses] 高書不入俗眼 (1999) Seal carving 3.5x3.5cm
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