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Sze Yuen, Jannie 施遠
Name in pinyin: Shi Yuan
Also known as:
Place of birth: Tianjin, China
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: painting
Sze was born in Tianjin and moved to Hong Kong in 1966. She began painting in 1983 and completed her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the Central Washington University in 1987, majoring in painting and drawing. She had worked as an editor for a publishing company, a television broadcasting company and an art gallery. She has also taught Drawing and Art History (particularly Woman's Art History). Her works are mainly concerned with women's experiences. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Scotland, England, Portugal and New Zealand.
Painting 5 (1986) Oil on canvas 30x48inDrawing 15 (1986) Charcoal on paper 32x24inDrawing 20 素描20 (1986) Charcoal on paper 32x24inTunnel (1987) Oil, sand on canvas 39.5x49in
This Time This Space (1990) Oil, sand on canvas 60x47.5inLast Winter 去年冬天 (1993) Charcoal on paper 68x72inDaily News (1) 日記、新聞 (1) (1993) Charcoal on paper 5.5x77inSurprise 大風吹 (1993) Oil on canvas 107.8x134.75cm
Daily News (4) Child 日記、新聞 (4)童 (1994) Charcoal on paper 15.93x235.2cmDaily News (3) 日記、新聞 (3) (1994) Charcoal on paper 13.48x14526.05cmHer Spaces 女性與空間 (1994) Oil, charcoal on canvas 10.78x264.6cmDaily News (6) (detail 1) 日記、新聞 (6) (細部1) (1995) Charcoal on paper 192.5x60cm
Daily News (6) Child (detail 2) 日記、新聞 (6) (細部2) (1995) Charcoal on paper 192.5x60cmDaily News (5) Creature 日記、新聞 (5)生物 (1995) Charcoal on paper 15.93x235.2cmDaily News (2)-(5) 日記、新聞 (2)-(5) (1995) Charcoal on paper Daily News (7) (detail) 日記、新聞 (7) (細部) (1995) Charcoal on paper 6.5x336in
People in the City 這個城市的人物 (1997) Chuckle & oil on canvas This City and Its People (1997) Oil on canvas, triptych Mail Art (Caretaker) 郵寄作品(照顧者) (1998) Charcoal on paper Angel/Kid 天使/兒童 (1999) Charcoal on paper 16.5x533.4cm
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