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Tang Ho Tat, Top 鄧豪達
Name in pinyin: Deng Haoda
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1963-
Art Medium: painting
Tang's ink painting blends Western and Chinese cultures, and express the dilemmas of modern living. In terms of techniques, his works are characterized by full paint, dense layers, and rich colors. During 1990-92, Tang launched and promoted several exhibitions of modern Chinese ink painting in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Apart from being an artist, Tang is also an art critic.
[Growth] 茁壯 (1986) Ink on paper 30x30cm[Ease and Worries] 適意兩三石,繁瑣一大堆 (1986) Ink & colour on paper 30x30cm[3 Pieces of Rock] 三小石 (1986-88) Ink & colour on paper 30x30cmUntitled (1988) Medium not given 60x30cm
[Flowers are not Flowers] 花非花 (1997) Ink & colour on paper 37.5x45cm[Lotus Leaves Vs. Banana Leaves] 荷葉戰芭蕉 (1997) Ink & colour on paper 30x30cm[Millennium, Year of the Dragon] 千禧龍年 (2000) Ink & colour on paper 34x34cm
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