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Ting Chih Jen 丁志仁
Name in pinyin: Ding Zhiren
Also known as:
Place of birth: Shanghai, China
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: painting
Ting migrated to Hong Kong in 1949 and joined the Hong Kong Art Club in the 50's. In 1984, he became the Chairman of the Club. During the Second World War, he traveled extensively in Western China. Ting practices both Western and Chinese painting. In respect of the Chinese medium, he specializes in landscape and human portrait. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong as well as overseas. He has published three volumes of his paintings and sketches so far.
[Waterfall at Yunshan] 雲山飛瀑 (1991) Ink on paper A Sreet View in Macao 澳門街景 (1993) Watercolour on paper 56x38cmPortrait of a Figure (1993) Ink on paper Chun Loon in Dew 煙迷川龍 (1995) Watercolour on paper
The Waterfall at Tin-Wu 鼎湖飛瀑 (1996) Watercolour on paper 56x38cmLandscape (Not dated) Watercolour on paper Landscape Sketch (1994) Pencil on paper Landscape (Not dated) Watercolour on paper
Chinese Landscape Painting (Not dated) Ink on paper Shen River 申江 (Not dated) Ink on paper
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