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Thorpe, Renee Melchert 霍雲妮
Name in pinyin: Huo Yunni
Also known as:
Place of birth: Illinois, U.S.A.
Dates: 1959-
Art Medium: collage making,digital art,painting
Thorpe grew up in an environment dominated by art, since her father is a sculptor. She studied art from an early age and experimented with many media. Primarily, she specializes in drawing, collage making and painting. However, she has become more concentrated on computer printmaking since she moved to Hong Kong in 1989. Since her arrival in Hong Kong, Thorpe has participated in many local exhibitions including the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition of 1992.
Untitled #2 (1988) Oil on masonite 41x39cmCelebratory Fish - II (1994) Ink on paper Things Are Looking Up (1994) Acrylic & metal leaf on wood Passing Through (1995) Acrylic on canvas
Slave (1998) Ink, acrylic, oil pencil on paper & silk Moor's Moon (1998) Acrylic, ink, paper collage on paper on silk Art History in Hong Kong III (1998) Paper collage on silk Trying to Return (1999) Ink, paper in Chinese painting on silk 12x20.25cm
Everybody Buddha - I (Not dated) Acrylic & paper on canvas
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Contact the artist: reneethorpe@hotmail.com
Official artist website: http://www.reneethorpe.com

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