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To Shui Ming 杜瑞明
Name in pinyin: Du Ruiming
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hainan, China
Dates: 1937-
Art Medium: sculpture
To graduated from the Department of Sculpture at the Chinese Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1965. He moved to Hong Kong in 1977. His work Phoenix was selected for the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition of 1987, while his work Recline was selected for the same exhibition in 1989. His work has also been displayed in the Sculpture Walk of Kowloon Park.
Mother and Child (I) 母與子(I) (Not dated) Green marble 46.8cm(H)Mother and Child (II) 母與子(II) (Not dated) White marble 56cm(L)Homage to Antiquity (I) 古的延續(I) (Not dated) Wonderstone 58cm(H)Homage to Antiquity (II) 古的延續(II) (Not dated) Black marble 62cm(L)
Play 嬉 (Not dated) Marble 77cm(H)Moon Charm 月華 (Not dated) Marble 126cm(H)Dreaming 夢之旅 (Not dated) Marble 45.8cm(H)Phoenix 鳳凰 (Not dated) Bronze 49cm(H)
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Official artist website: http://www.toshuiming.com

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