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Tong King Sum 唐景森
Name in pinyin: Tang Jingsen
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1940-2008
Art Medium: sculpture
Tong studied sculpture under the renowned Hong Kong sculptor, Cheung Yee in 1971. He is particularly interested in wood carving. Tong has participated in numerous local and overseas exhibitions. His first two solo exhibitions were held in Toronto and Hong Kong, respectively in 1980 and 1984. Tong\'s works have been collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, The University of Hong Kong and Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
Three Jointed Wood 森 (1976) Pine wood 35x200x35cmSprout 芽 (1977) Wood 45x90x45cmSketch (Lying 1) 素描(仰臥) (1977) Teak wood 36x92x21cmSketch (Lying 3) 素描(側臥) (1981) Teak wood 36x92x21cm
Wings 翅 (1984) Pine wood 80x100x76cmLooking Out 探 (1986) Teak wood 20x20x35cmSketch (Standing) 素描(立) (1987) Teak wood 36x30x92cmFeeler (1988) Teak wood 65x38x92cm
I'm Sexy, Too 我也很性感 (1990) Teak wood 39x22x37cmGilding (Not dated) Granite 200cm(H)
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