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Tsui Chee Kui, Joseph 徐志鉅
Name in pinyin: Xu Zhiju
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1937-
Art Medium: painting
Tsui started painting in 1952 and specializes in oil painting. His choice of subject matter includes landscape, still life, and portraiture. His first solo exhibition was held at the Hong Kong City Hall in 1973. In 1975, he founded and chaired the INGROUP. Tsui has participated in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition continuously during 1969-81 and 1985-89. His works have been collected by The University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Museum of Art.
[Gray and White] 灰與白 (1977) Oil on canvas 75x75cm[MTR] 地鐵 (1980) Oil on canvas 75x75cm[Overcrowded] 擠迫 (1987) Oil on canvas 75x75cm[Rhythm] 韻律 (1990) Oil on canvas 75x75cm
[Village] 村 (1990) Oil on canvas 75x75cm[Motion 2] 動力2 (1992) Oil on canvas 75x50cm[Still Life] 靜物 (1993) Oil on canvas 75x75cm[Flowers 2] 花2 (1997) Oil on canvas 75x50cm
Race 賽 (1995) Oil on canvas 90x90cmPast 過去 (1999) Oil on canvas 75x75cmGrey and White 灰與白 (1999) Oil on canvas 75x50cmVillage 村 (2001) Oil on canvas 75x75cm
Forest 森林 (2001) Oil on canvas 75x75cm[Cliff] 崖 (2002) Oil on canvas 75x75cmGreat Wall 長城 (2003) Oil on canvas 75x75cmFarmland 田 (2004) Oil on canvas 75x75cm
Harbour 港 (2004) Oil on canvas 75x50cmVillage 圍 (2004) Oil on canvas 75x75cm
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