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Wong Kum 黃金
Name in pinyin: Huang Jin
Also known as:
Place of birth: China
Dates: 1935-
Art Medium: design,painting
Wong started his design career in Hong Kong in the 1950s. He specializes in portraiture and has finished over thousands of portraits for movie stars, opera actors and actresses, and stage performers. In 1995, he was invited to paint the 'Hong Kong Movie Stars' stamp series for the Hong Kong Post Office. In the same year, his solo exhibition The Golden Age of Wong Kum's Poster Art was held at the First Institute of Art and Design Gallery. Wong's works have also been widely exhibited in Asia and Canada. Some of them are now in the collection of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
[Homage to the Master] 向大師致敬 (Not dated) Oil on canvas 61.25x90cm[Portrait of the Artist Li Tiefu] 畫家李鐵夫 (Not dated) Oil on canvas [Portrait of a Girl] 少女的畫像 (Not dated) Oil on wood 54x40cm[Portrait of a Girl in Red] 紅衣少女 (Not dated) Oil on canvas 47x37cm
[Portrait of the Artist Leung Yam Boon] 畫家梁蔭本 (Not dated) Oil on canvas 70x53cm[Portrait of Mr. Fok Ying Tung] 霍英東肖像 (Not dated) Oil on canvas [Portrait of the Artist] 畫家的肖像 (Not dated) Oil on canvas 90x61.25cm[Portrait of the Artist's Friend] 友人肖像 (Not dated) Watercolour on paper
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