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Wong Shun Kit 王純杰
Name in pinyin: Wang Chunjie
Also known as:
Place of birth: Shanghai, China
Dates: 1953-
Art Medium: mixed media work,painting
Wong started painting in 1969 and graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Performing Art with a Bachelor Degree in Stage Design in 1982. He has received several awards: Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award (Painting), International Fellowship in the Visual Arts - United States Information Agency and Mid- America Art Alliance USA, Artist Residency in School of Art of Rutgers University USA, Artist of Year Award 1997 Hong Kong Artists' Guild (Painting & Installation), Artist in Residency Sir Run Run Shaw Hall of Chinese University of Hong Kong; Starr Foundation Fellowship of the Asian Cultural Council. He has organized six solo exhibitions and participated in 10 group exhibitions since 1985.
Talisman (1982) Oil on canvas 45x90cmNotes (1982) Oil on canvas 120x88cmDiary (1982) Oil on canvas 85x96cmTemple (1988) Mixed media, oil on canvas & wood 360x840cm
Rite of Spring (1990) Oil on canvas, bamboo, cloth & wood 220x500x800cmDaily (1992) Oil on canvas 120x210cmArtist Standing in Front of His Works (1992) Steel, X-ray film, ultraviolet lamp, clay & wood 280x116x220cmPass Through (1992) Iron, clay, 10 pieces of slides projection 260x1400x200cm
Thinking on River (1993) Cloth, bamboo & rope 300x900x900cm x 6setsFrom 1841 to 1997 to…Floating Identity (1994) Plastic, clay, rice straw & balloon 5x3x2mBasic Space (1995) Hong Kong Basic Law made of gold, Hong Kong Basic Law book, lamp 230x900x1400cmThe Small People of Hong Kong Finding Its Way in A Maze, Confronting The God of Three Identities - Creation, Destruction and Harmony (1995) Steel, wood, infra-red controlled robot 450x550x850cm
Our Grandfather, Family Education & Good Son (1996) Oil on wood, lamp 230x200x150cmThree Ideas on the Contradiction of Concepts About Tree - Through Ancient and Modern Time (1996) Video, computer, tree, steel & brick 260x700x700cmTheatre (1997) Oil painting on wood & video 250x420x150cmElectricity Suspended - A Common Issue We Have to Face, China Experience (1998) Photographs of document, 30 infra-red radios, paint 180x300x10cm
Untitled (Section 1) 無題 (1998) Oil on canvas 12x2.5mFlower and Fire 花火 (1999) Installation 1.5x1mInk and Water 水墨 (1999) Ink & water installation 4.5x2m
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Henry, Gerard 1996 Wong Shun Kit - Floating Identity [In English]
Tsang Hing Ling 曾慶靈 1999 Wong Shun Kit interviewed by Tsang Hing Ling [in Chinese 中文訪問]
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