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Wong Wucius 王無邪
Name in pinyin: Wang Wuxie
Also known as:
Place of birth: Guangdong, China
Dates: 1936-
Art Medium: painting
Wong was born in Guangdong Province and was educated in Hong Kong. He studied at Maryland Institute College of Art and received BFA and MFA degrees. He worked as assistant curator of the City Museum and Art Gallery and principal lecturer in the school of design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic. His paintings in oil and Chinese ink have been exhibited worldwide and collected by numerous museums and institutions. Wong received the John D. Rockefeller 3rd Fund Grant in 1970. He was awarded an Emeritus Fellowship by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 1998. Currently, he is an honorary adviser to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong Government, and part-time lecturer of the Fine Arts Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His books on art and design have been published in New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Barcelona and Bandung, Indonesia.
Broken Stele 殘碑 (1965) Ink & colour on paper 66.5x37inAutumn Sentiment 感秋 (1973) Ink & colour on paper 75x38inPurification II 滌懷之二 (1979) Ink & colour on paper 72x34inMountain Thoughts II 山懷之二 (1981) Ink & colour on paper 27x27in
Mountain Dream III 山夢之三 (1983) Ink & colour on paper 55x27inMountain Dream No. 1 山夢之一 (1983) Chinese ink & gouache on paper 66x137cmMeditation X 澄懷之十 (1987) Ink & colour on paper 54.5x27inSuperimposed Memories No. 1 疊念之一 (1996) Ink & colour collage on paper 46x46cm
New Dream No. 5 新夢之五 (1997) Ink & colour on paper 70x70cmRiver Dream No. 17 河夢之十七 (1997) Ink on paper 69x140.5cmNew Dream No. 2 新夢之二 (1997) Ink & colour on paper 70x47cmValley of the Heart 心壑之五 (1997) Ink & colour on paper 89.5x89.5cm
Spring Melody 春韻 (1998) Ink & colour on paper, framed 94x94cmValley of the Heart No. 9 心壑之九 (1998) Ink & colour on paper 94x213.4cmPurification No. 9 滌懷之九 (1998) Hanging scroll, ink & colour on paper 228.6x68.6cmValley of the Heart No. 10 心壑之十 (1998) Hanging scroll, ink & colour on paper 287x96.5cm
Enlightened Thought No. 5 明思之五 (1998) Oil & acrylic on canvas 82.5x70cmHeart of Autumn #3 秋心之三 (1999) Ink & colour on paper 59x59cmPurification #10 滌懷之十 (2000) Oil & acrylic on canvas 147.5x76cmRiver of the Heart #2 心河之二 (2000) Ink & colour on paper 83x19.5cm
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Wong, Wucius 王無邪 2004 Artist's Statement [in Chinese]
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