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Go Man Ching, Simon 吳文正
Name in pinyin: Wu Wenzheng
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1967-
Art Medium: photography
Go graduated from the School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1989. He has been a photojournalist for 11 years. Since 1991, he had collaborated with several other artists in taking photographs of people living in cramped bed-space apartments, so-called “Cagehomes” for six years. The “Cage-people” photo exhibition was held in the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1995 and his works has been exhibited in the tour exhibitions of Contemporary Asian Art by Anderson Gallery, School of Arts, Viriginal Commonwealth University in U.S.A. At the same time, he also joined the exhibition of microcosm of Hong Kong Metropolitan in France. He had held another exhibition of documentary photography project namely “Poverty in Urban Poor” in Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1997. He had spent four years in studying and collecting the traditional Chinese medicine packaging since 1997. His book A Visual Journey Through Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Packaging was published in 2001 and the exhibition of Chinese Medicine Packaging was held in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2002. He was awarded the Hong Kong Print Awards in 2001.
Tai Kwok Tsui No.2 (1995) B/W photo Tai Kwok Tsui No.3 (1995) B/W photo Tai Kwok Tsui No.4 (1995) B/W photo Tai Kwok Tsui (1995) B/W photo
Cageman in Mongkok (1995) B/W photo Old Twins in North Point (1996) B/W photo Cageman with Cat (1996) B/W photo Sleeper in Shumshuipo (1996) B/W photo
Old Friend in Mongkok (1996) B/W photo Demonstration 2 (1997) B/W photo Father and Son (1997) B/W photo Painting of Hong Kong in Central (1997) B/W photo
Hong Kong Before Handover (1997) B/W photo Picture Before Handover No.16 (1997) B/W photo Demonstration (1997) B/W photo Poors in Shamshuipo (1997) B/W photo
Old Man with Medals (1998) B/W photo Central, Hong Kong (1998) B/W photo
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Tsang Hing Ling 曾慶靈 2002 Go Man Ching, Simon interviewed by Tsang Hing Ling [in Chinese 中文訪問]
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