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Ching Chin Wai, Luke 程展緯
Name in pinyin: Cheng Zhanwei
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1972-
Art Medium:
Ching received a MFA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1998. His major works include a series of works concerning language learning process, namely Easy to Learn Cantonese , Chapter 1-6, and a close examination of public space, namely Public Sculpture: Dog Footprint, Wet Print: Rainbow, and Galileo Galilei, etc.
Public Sculpture: Dog footprint (1998-2000) size unknownPanorama: Pok Fu Lam Village (2000) size unknownColor TV (Color TV ) size unknownColor of Eyes in Sunnyside (2001) size unknown
Easy to Learn Cantonese (Chapter Two):Bye Bye (2001) size unknownPanorama: 45-36, 44th Street, Sunnyside, NY. (2001) size unknownEasy to Learn Cantonese (Chapter one): I Love You (2001-02) size unknownEasy to Learn Korean (Chapter Four) (2002) size unknown
Fall Collection (2002-3) size unknownWet Paint: Rainbow (2002) size unknownGalileo Galilei (2002) size unknown2/F, No. 17-19, Fung Yi Street, Tokwawan, KL, Hong Kong. (2002) size unknown
Okinawa Time (2003) size unknown2 in 1 : 2511153 and 2511154 (2003) size unknownEasy to Learn Cantonese (Chapter Five) (2003) size unknown2 in 1: Au and Au (2003) size unknown
Secret Code: Copying Blinks (2003) size unknownNoren Market, Higawa 2-4-1, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture (2003) size unknown
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Official artist website: http://lukeching.blogspot.com/

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