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Slavick, Madeleine Marie 思樂維
Name in pinyin:
Also known as:
Place of birth:
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: photography
Madeleine has lived in Hong Kong for twenty years. Her photography has been exhibited internationally, and her poetry has been translated into several languages. Madeleine’s books include Round – Poems and Photographs of Asia (Asia 2000 Publishers, 1998), delicate access / 微妙之途 (Sixth Finger Press, 2004) and My Favourite Thing / 我最寶貴的 (Beijing Joint Publishing, 2005).
Oil on Water (1990) photograph photo taken in Sai Kung, Hong Kong; in pair with Statue to a Water Child; exhibited in Together, 1997 Statue to a Water Child (1994) photograph photo taken in Takayama, Japan; in pair with Oil on Water; exhibited in Together, 1997Flesh and Blood 血肉關係 (1997) a traveling exhibition, first in Hewlett Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA, 1997Round (1998) photograph
Vane 風向儀 (2000) group exhibition, John Batten Gallery, 2000My Favourite Thing 我最寶貴的 (2001) Tai Koo Place; organized by Oxfam Hong KongA Cairo Song: Cairo Cafe (2003) Colo(u)r (2003) photograph
When He Said 當他說 (2004) Delicate Access 微妙之途 (2004) Fringe ClubTheir Unknown Story: A Concert of Peace in Memory of the Death of Peacemakers 和平音樂會:追念你我不知道的和平工作者之死 (2007) Programe of General Educcation Unit, The University of Hong Kong
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