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Tse, Sarah 謝敏行
Name in pinyin: Xie Minxing
Also known as:
Place of birth:
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: drawing,painting
Sarah Tse graduated from Central Saint Martins College, London in 2009 and became an artist and designer based in the United Kingdom. She has been working on drawings with pencil, paper, collage and mixed media. Sarah Tse participated in group exhibitions such as 2005 OCR National Art Exhibition (Birmingham, 2005), National Open Art Competition (West Sussex, 2009), Affordable Art Fair (London, 2009), Collectible (Southampton, 2009), the Sneeze Art Flair (London, 2009), Supplement (London, 2010), Parallex (London, 2010), the Pavilion of Realism (Shanghai/Beijing, 2010), Haiti Art Auction and Exhibition (Manchester, 2010), London Art Fair (2010 and 2011), the Ingram Collection Prints and Prinkmaking (Surrey, 2011), Young Art Taipei (2011) and Art Taipei (2011). Her solo exhibitions include the solo exhibition tour Everything Seems: for Everything as well as Everybody, Heretofore all Unknown Curios, Stories and Strange Things Told in Beppu, Fukuoka and Tokyo (2010), First Step (Manchester, 2010) and Ecstasy and Captivity (Hong Kong, 2011). Sarah Tse received the Gold Award of the Pearn and Procter Annual Art Prize (2005), the Jealous Graduate Print Prize (Saint Martin’s College, London, 2009) and the Atelier Interaction Residency Programme (Beppu, 2010). She was the exhibition finalist of National Open Art Competition (2009) and listed in 40 Under 40 Next Generation Artists of the Perspective Magazine (2011). Her drawings are collected in museums, galleries and private collections in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Sarah Tse’s publications include Sarah Tse’s Art Collection 2004-2006 (Hong Kong, 2006). In 2011, Sarah Tse advanced her study in the School of Visual Arts in New York.
Afternoon Tea (2009) Pencil on wall 288x219cmMy Sewing Machine (2009) Pencil on paper 72x97cmSweet Little Sixteen (2009) Collage, mixed media 85x65cmSweet Little Sixteen (2009) Pencil on paper 85x65cm
Turkish Tea Set (2009) Pencil on paper 63x56cmUrban Landscape (2010) Pencil on paper 84x59cmWhitening Toothpaste (2010) Pencil on paper 38x56cmJenny (2010) Collage, mixed media 80.5x35cm
A Spoonful of Sugar (2010) Pencil on paper 56x38cmPortrait of Fred (2010) Pencil on paper 65x84cmCasablanca Lily (2010) Pencil on paper 72.5x54.5cmStamp (2010) Pencil on paper 72.5x54.5cm
Papercutting (2010) Pencil on paper 72.5x54.5cmMonchhichi Doll (2010) Pencil on paper 72.5x54.5cmThe Godfather (2010) Pencil on paper 72.5x54.5cmThe Basketball (2010) Pencil on paper 72.5x54.5cm
Teapot (2010) Pencil on paper 54.5x72.5cmWatch (2010) Pencil on paper 54.5x72.5cmCaptivity (2011) Pencil on paper 135x161cmNathifa (2011) Pencil, charcoal & pastel on paper 100x75cm
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Contact the artist: sarahtse@sarahtse.com
Official artist website: http://www.sarahtse.com

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