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MAP Office 地圖署
Name in pinyin: Ditushu
Also known as: Gutierrez, Laurent (Gu Rulang 古儒郎), Portefaix, Valérie (Lin Haihua 林海華)
Place of birth:
Dates: 1997-
Art Medium: installation,painting,performance,photography,video art
MAP Office is a multidisciplinary platform established in 1997 by the artist duo Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix. Their solo exhibitions include Plan B (798 Beijing, 2006), J’aime l’argent* (Goethe Institute HK, 2008), NO LAB on Tour series (Galerie Pfriem in Lacoste, Gallery Pei Ling Chan in Savannah, and Gallery ACA in Atlanta, 2009), The Chinese Box – Retrospective (Fondazione Volume!, Rome, 2010), and Runscape (10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong, 2010). They have participated in many international art and architecture events including Venice Architecture Biennale (2000, 2008, and 2010), Rotterdam Architecture Biennale (2003), Architectural Biennial Beijing (2004), the Second Guangzhou Triennial (2005), the First Paris Triennial (2006), Singapore Biennale (2006), the 15th Biennale of Sydney (2006), the 10th International Istanbul Biennial (2007), Venice Art Biennale (2007), Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale (2007, and 2009), Prospect 1 – 1st New Orleans Biennale (2008), the 7th Gwangju Biennale (2008), Evento 2009 – First Bordeaux Biennale (2009), Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannual (2009), and the Second Biennale of Canary Island (2009). Their works were also exhibited in various locations including Sittard, Essen, Berlin, Vienna, Villeurbanne, Warsaw, Birmingham, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Florence, Vilnius, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Ein Hawd, Bangkok, Chongqing, Shanghai, and Taipei. Their publications include Mapping HK (2000), HK LAB (2002), HK LAB 2 (2005). Their works are collected by Fonds régional d'art contemporain (Rhône-Alpes Lyon, France) and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing). Laurent Gutierrez was born in 1966 in Casablanca, Morocco. He lives and works in Hong Kong since 1996. He is also the co-director of SD SPACE LAB. Valérie Portefaix was born in 1969 in Saint-Étienne, France. She received her Master of Architecture degree from School of Architecture Paris-Belleville and a PhD in Urbanism from University Peirre Mendes France.
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Official artist website: http://www.map-office.com/

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