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Chan Kwan Lap, Eddy 陳君立
Name in pinyin: Chen Junli
Also known as:
Place of birth: China
Dates: 1947-
Art Medium: painting
Chan completed his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University in Canada. His major artistic interest lies in modern Chinese ink painting. The theme 'Life' recurs in many of his works. His earlier years spent in Montreal inspired him to work on snow scenes with life and he has produced around a hundred pieces of work on the motif of tree trunks and roots. The idea of perseverance and vitality expressed in those works became a symbol of his personal style. His works are collected by museums in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and the United States.
Life No.1 (1987) Ink on paper 67x96cmLife No. 7 (1988) Ink on paper 59x98cmLife No. 35 (1989) Ink on paper 99x99cmLife in the Snow No. 2 (1990) Ink on paper 116x64cm
The Voyage of the Silver Moon (1990) Ink on paper 34x34cmSpring Underneath the Snowy Rocks No.2 (1992) Ink on paper 96x70cmPoem is the Love of Wilderness No.5 (1992) Ink on paper 68x45cmLoving the Root of Home Country No. 4 (1993) Ink on paper 69x138cm
Spring in the Valley No. 1 (1993) Ink on paper 27cm (dia.)Happy Land No. 4 (1993) Ink on paper 79cm (dia.)
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Chan Kwan Lap, Eddie 陳君立 2004 Artist's Statement [in Chinese]
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