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Ho Bing Kuen 何炳權
Name in pinyin: He Bingquan
Also known as:
Place of birth: Guangzhou
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: painting
For many years, Ho has practised the realist mode of oil painting. His subjects are most frequently drawn from the metropolitan life of Hong Kong because he believes that art and life are inseparable. He thinks that if the artist's thought can be clearly depicted, then the message can go straight into the audience's mind. Ho specializes in figurative painting and he admires the Dutch Baroque painter Rembrandt and French Impressionists such as Monet and Degas. During the last decade, Ho has held several solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, among which the most recent one was held at the Fringe Club in 2002.
[Seaside] 海邊 (1993) Oil on canvas [Killing Tigers] 殺虎 (1994) Oil on canvas [Light and Colour] 光與色彩 (1998) Oil on canvas [Central Square in the Afternoon] 下午的中心廣場 (1998) Oil on canvas
[In the MTR Train Compartment] 地鐵車箱內 (1998) Oil on canvas [Waterfall at Bride's Pool] 新娘潭飛瀑 (1998) Ink on paper [Mist] 晨霧 (1999) Oil on canvas [Playing Under the Sun] 銀光中的嬉戲 (1999) Oil on canvas
[Summer Time in Shek O] 石澳夏日 (1999) Oil on canvas [Fruit Stall] 果檔 (2000) Oil on canvas [Life Battle] 戰鬥人生 (2000) Oil on canvas [Restaurant] 酒樓 (2000) Oil on canvas
[Childhood] 童年時 (2000) Oil on canvas [Tea Gathering] 茶聚 (2000) Oil on canvas [Celebration] 慶祝 (2001) Oil on canvas [Sunset] 雪山夕照 (2001) Gouache on paper
[Painting Exhibition] 畫展 (2001) Oil on canvas [Children Paradise] 兒童樂園 (2001) Oil on canvas [Nightmares] 惡夢 (2001) Oil on canvas [The Dream of Russia] 俄羅斯之夢 (2001) Oil on canvas
[A Fantastic Piece of Music] 美麗的樂章 (2004) Oil on canvas [A Poetic Landscape] 山水有情 (2004) Acrylic on canvas
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Ho Bing Kuen 何炳權 2004 Artist's Statement (2004) [in Chinese]

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