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Koo Mei 顧媚
Name in pinyin: Gu Mei
Also known as:
Place of birth: Guangdong, China
Dates: 1934-
Art Medium: painting
Koo studied traditional ink painting with the famous Lingnan Master, Zhao Shao-ang and modern Chinese ink painting with Lui Shoukwan. Later she has developed her own style and specializes in landscape painting in which misty landscapes are frequently depicted. Koo received the Fine Art Award from the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 1977. Her works are collected by many institutions in Hong Kong and the University of Utah in U.S.A. Koo also taught art at the Extra-Mural Department of The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and held workshop at the University of Utah.
A Morning Rehearsal (1977) Ink on paper 92x186cmFalling After Snow (1978) Ink on paper 92x186cmForgotten Rain (1982) Ink on paper 40x58cmCloudy Melody (1984) Ink on paper 51x80cm
Glacier (1984) Ink on paper 66x135cmRocky Mountain Symphony (1987) Ink on paper 99x203cmRainy Mountain (1988) Ink on paper 104x70cmWinter Gospel (1989) Ink on paper 135x67cm
Forgotten Snow in Rockies (1991) Ink on paper 187x97cmMorning Dew (1992) Ink on paper 67x135cmCloud Melody (1993) Ink on paper 86x61cmWinter (1993) Ink on paper 67x67cm
Evening Drift (1994) Ink on paper 74x58cmPurple Mist (1994) Ink on paper 77x77cmHuang Mountain (1995) Ink on paper 70x95cmMorning Jade (1996) Ink on paper 135x67cm
Cool Moon 三峽月色 (1997) Ink on paper 66x135cmMountain in Mist and Rain (Not dated) Ink & colour on paper 135x66cmSnow Sentiments 雪後的情懷 (Not dated) Ink on paper 96x84cmClouds on the Mountain Village 雲繞山村 (Not dated) Ink & colour on paper 94x36cm
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