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Kwok Mang Ho 郭孟浩
Name in pinyin: Guo Menghao
Also known as: Frog King 蛙王
Place of birth: Guangdong, China
Dates: 1947-
Art Medium: mixed media work,performance
Kwok was born in China, grew up in Hong Kong, experienced art life in New York for 15 years, and has returned and settled down in Hong Kong since 1995. He graduated from the Grantham College of Education and Art Student League of New York in 1970 and 1984 respectively. Kwok's work encompasses a wide variety of media, including calligraphy, sculpture, graffiti, performance art and photography. Kwok's work has been shown extensively in the Far East, the United States and Europe. His works are in the collections of numerous museums, corporations, and private owners.
The Seven Columns (1971) Installation in Hong Kong Twin One Man Show II (1973) Installation in Hong Kong Splashing Cow Bone (1975) Happening/Action in Hong Kong Plastic Bag Happenings in China (1979) Happening
Body Installation (1981) Installation in Hong Kong and NYC Body Installation, On Going Project Since 1981 (1981-) Installation Frog Concept 蛙之意念 (1986) Mixed media installation in New York City 18 Levels of Hell (1989) Installation in New York City
"5 New York Art Now" Street Collaboration (1989) Installation in New York City "The Art Mall" Project (1992) Installation in New York City “One Man Show Many Man Show”, “One Second Performance” (1992) Installation in Kwangju Biennale, Korea City Fruit Garden (1994) Installation in Hong Kong
Buddah Watching Froggy TV (1995) Installation in New York Ciy Kwok, Art Life for 30 Years (1967-1997) (1997) Mixed media installation Kwok, Art Life for 30 Years (1967-1997) (1997) Mixed media installation Frog Bum Lum 98 (1998) Mixed media on screen
Froggy Sunglasses Project (1989-1999) Performance Froggy Sunglasses Project, 1989-1999 (1999) Performance 9 Million Works Kwok (1999) Performance Yum Che Yuen (2002) Installation
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Author 作者 Year Title of Article [Related Information]
Clarke, David 祈大衛 2016 My Dialogue through Images with Kwok Mang Ho
Clarke, David 祈大衛 1999 Breaking Down Barriers: The Art of Kwok Mang Ho [in English]
Clarke, David; Kwok Mang Ho 祈大衛; 郭孟浩 2015 David Clarke Dialogue with Frog King Kwok 祈大衛對話蛙王郭
Kwok Mang Ho 郭孟浩 2003 Artist's Statement (2003) [in English & Chinese]
Tsang Hing Ling 曾慶靈 2002 Kwok Mang Ho interviewed by Tsang Hing Ling [in Chinese 中文訪問]
Official artist website: http://www.frogkingkwok.com/

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