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Yeung Tong Lung 楊東龍
Name in pinyin: Yang Donglong
Also known as:
Place of birth: Fujian, China
Dates: 1956-
Art Medium: painting
Yang was born in Fujian, China in 1956 and moved to Hong Kong in 1973. He began painting in 1975 and held his first solo exhibition in 1986. He has participated in many group exhibitions since 1984. Currently he works as mural artist and set painter for interior designers, photographers and file directors. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Beijing, Japan, U.S.A. and Switzerland and it can be found in the collections of The Hong Kong Museum of Art, The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Geneva, and various private collections.
[Cushion] 咕臣 (1984) Mixed media on wood 183x244cm[Circle Game] 環戲 (1985) Oil on wood 183x244cm[Stream] 流 (1985) Oil on wood 183x183cm[Peak] 巔 (1986) Oil on wood 132x244cm
[Prelude] 序曲 (1990) Oil on canvas 105x120cmThe Cross on Canvas No. 1 油畫十字之一 (1991) Oil on canvas 102x76cmBlue Head 藍色頭像 (1992) Oil on canvas 102x76cmThe Cross on Canvas No. 3 油畫十字之三 (1993) Oil on canvas 128x160cm
The Rectangle of Light 光之方塊 (1993) Oil on canvas 107x93cmStrolling on the Seashore 海岸線上遊盪 (1993) Oil on canvas 216x165cmThe Sky in the Structure 架構中的天空 (1994) Oil on canvas 212x183x5cmOne Night in June 1989 八九年六月某夜 (1994) Oil on canvas 188x184x5cm
Railway Crossing the Remote Land 穿越原野的鐵道 (1994) Oil on canvas 188x174x5cmStructure #4 結構#4 (1999) Mixed media on paper 144x144cmMay Ah Photo Lab. 美亞沖印 (1999) Oil on canvas 187x137cmThe Doctor's Surgery 私家醫生診所 (1999) Oil on canvas 187x137cm
Slope 植物 (2000) Oil on canvas 168x140cmStructure #6 結構#6 (2000) Mixed media on paper 200x147cmDouble Happiness 大囍日子 (2000) Oil on canvas 136x136cm16:35p.m. (2001) Oil on canvas 214x162cm
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Official artist website: http://www.yeungtonglung.com/

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