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Chan Wai Man, Raymond 陳偉民
Name in pinyin: Chen Weimin
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1959-
Art Medium: photography
Chan studied French and Photography in France between 1983 and 1986. Since then, he has working as a photographer and photo editor. Over the past 20 years Chan has explored the possibilities of documentary photography. Chan was Chairman of the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association in 1995-96, second runner-up of Sports Section of the Annual Press Photo Contest in 1994, and winner of Photo Essay Section of the Annual Press Photo Contest in1996.
[An Afghanistan Refugee] 一個阿富汗小難民坐呆著發呆 (1998- 2002) Colour print size unknown[A Mosque in Iran] 伊朗伊斯法罕一個凊真寺 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[A Market in Damascus] 大馬士革巿集一角 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[Meat Selling in a Afghanistan Refugee Camp] 阿富汗難民營的一個肉檔 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown
[A Pair of Daunted Afghanistan Sisters] 一對驚恐的阿富汗小姐妹 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[A Town at the Border of Pakistan] 巴基斯坦邊境城鎮 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[A Restaurant in Damascus] 大馬士革的茶煙館 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[A Restaurant on the Way from Iran to Syria] 從伊朗往敘利亞途中一間食堂 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown
[The Afghanistan Refugee Child is so Shy] 一個害羞的阿富汗難民小朋友 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[An Iranian Woman Passing the Old Castle] 一個伊朗婦人走過舊城堡 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[A Syrian Old Man Talking With Visitors] 一敘個利亞長老對訪客滔滔不絕 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[An Afghanistan Refugee Family in the Tent] 一個住在帳蓬內的阿富哈汗難民家庭 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown
[The Old Town Area in Damascus] 大馬士革舊城區 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[An Afghanistan Refugee Wearing a Pair of Sunglasses] 一個戴上太陽眼鏡的阿富汗難民 (1998-2002) Colour print [Entrance of A Syrian Temple] 敘利亞廟宇入口 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[The Smile of A Syrian] 敘利亞人的微笑 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown
[An Elder of the Afghanistan Monastery] 阿富汗人長老 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[A Man Selling Cakes in a Market of Iran] 伊朗巿集的賣餅漢 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[Some Merchants at the Border Between Afghanistan and Iran] 阿富汗和巴基斯坦邊境的商販 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown[The Shops Surrounding Afghanistan Refugee Camps] 阿富汗難民營周邊的商舖 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown
[An Iranian Woman Sitting at the Ancient Monument] 一個呆坐古跡前的伊朗婦人 (1998-2002) Colour print size unknown
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Chan Wai Man, Raymond 陳偉民 2004 Artist's Statement [in Chinese]
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