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Lui Siu Wai, David 呂兆偉
Name in pinyin: Lui Zhaowei
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1958-
Art Medium: digital media,mixed media work
David Lui was a recipient of the Jamestown College Art Scholarship in 1980 and winner of the North Dakota Governor’s Art Show Award in 1981. In New York, he was granted the Parsons Scholarship in 1982, and obtained his BFA degree from The Parsons School of Design in 1984. He was also granted the Columbia Scholarship and obtained an MFA degree from the Columbia University, New York in 1987. Lui has received a number of local and international awards. He held a one-man show in the Fringe Club in 1993 and participated in a number of group shows from 1994 to 1998, including “Plugged Art Exhibition” in 1994, “ Hong Kong Sur-Reality Show” in 1995; “Post 1997: Cultural Neurasthenia Show”, “Causeway Bay Public Project”, “A1 Group Exhibition” in 1998, “ Art + 01: A Digital Exploration” (an opening exhibition of Hong Kong Heritage Museum) in 2000 and the Art Windows Exhibition (2001).
Bio-Woman (1987) Polaroid transfer 3x4in.Dark Horse (1989) Silkscreening 36x42in.Silent Voice (1993) Digital media 48x22in.Water Life (1993) Digital media 14x19.5in.
Naked Eyed (1995) Digital media 26x21in.Crystal Boy (1997) Digital media 27x36in.Neuro Linguistic System (1998) Digital media 12x14.5in.Art Direction (1999) Digital media 12x14.5in.
Innerscape (2000) Digital media 19x19.5in.Airoscape (2000) Digital media 16x11.75in.Cityscape (2000) Digital media 16x11.5in.Psychocape (2000) Digital media 16x10.5in.
Spiritual Bird (2002) Digital Media 24x11.5in.Dancing Brush (2003) Mixed media & Chinese ink 28x28in.Eclipse (2003) Mixed media & Chinese ink 26x30in.Song of Spiral (2003) Mixed media & Chinese ink 30x19.5in.
Rhythm of Life (2003) Mixed media & Chinese ink 24x11.5in.Bird’s Memory (2003) Mixed media & Chinese ink 25x25.5in.Spirit of India (2003) Mixed media & Chinese ink 28.5x30inBitter Lady (2003) Mixed media & Chinese ink 25x18in.
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Lui Siu Wai, David 呂兆偉 2004 Artist's Statement [in English]
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