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Mok Yat Sun 莫一新
Name in pinyin: Mo Yixin
Also known as:
Place of birth: China
Dates: 1968-
Art Medium: sculpture
Mok graduated from the Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1993, and has undertaken post-graduate study in the Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He is vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Society. In 1995, he established the CHIC studio (Artists’ House) in which he has been working as teacher and artist. Mok has participated in numerous group shows in Hong Kong, China and Asia and has received several awards. His works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and other corporate and private collectors. His public commissions are located at various locations in Hong Kong.
East Wind, West Wind... 東風、西風 (1994) Wood, iron, paint 135x165x62cmOnce Upon a Time 從前 (1994) Wood, iron, paint 96x58x42cmUntitled 無題 (1998) Mixed media 45x30x28cmUntitled 無題 (1998) Mixed media 105x90x15cm
Ah Keung 阿強 (2001) Wood, paper, plastic animal, water colour 23x21.5cmInter-Communication 互通 (2000) Copper 100x100x80cm Intersection 交 (2000) Copper 50x95x150cmCuddle 依 (2000) Copper 50x95x150cm
Conformity 共融 (2000) Copper 155x145x140cmClimbing Up 攀 (2000) Copper 75x75x120xmThe Fountain of Wisdom 智慧之 (2000) Stainless steel 203cm (H)Connection 接 (2000) Wood 120x14x21cm
The Bottle 樽 (2000) Wood and acrylic resin 10x10x26cmSpiritual Conformity 精神共融 (2000) Acrylic resin 200x85x70cmA Tale of One City (Family) 東城紀事(庭) (2001) Matt copper and ceramic 1038x241x5cmWhere the Waters Meet 兩水相連 (2001) Matt copper and stainless steel 1038x241x5cm
A Tale of One City (Home) 東城紀事(家) (2001) Granite and stainless steel 138x133x276cmReproduction of Purity 清純副品 (2001) Acrylic resin and stainless steel 55x120x30cmGlitter 流輝 (2001) Granite and stainless steel 150x64x180cmSpiritual Conformity 2 精神共融(二) (2001) Plaster 3mx3mx7.5cmc
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Contact the artist: mok&man@chicstudioart.com.hk
Official artist website: http://www.chicstudioart.com.hk/

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