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Tsang Kin-wah 曾建華
Name in pinyin: Zeng Jianhua
Also known as:
Place of birth: China
Dates: 1976-
Art Medium: installation,painting,printmaking
Graduated from Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000, Tsang Kin-wah received his master degree from Camberwell College of Arts, the London Institute in 2003. He has taken part in various group exhibitions such as the Hong Kong Art Biennial (2001, 2003 and 2005), Dutch Design Week 2005, BilderSchrift - China Typo-Poster Exhibition, etc. and has his solo exhibitions “Space” (2004) and “White Cube” (2005). Tsang has received awards such as the 2005 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Prize of Excellence (Hong Kong Art Biennial 2001), etc and his works are collected by Sovereign Art Foundation, Museum of Design Zurich (Switzerland), Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Camberwell College of Arts (London), etc.
Open Door (1998) Oil on canvas 146 x 97.5 cmBarbarian's List 無敵大隊長與他的狗仔兵團 (1999) Ink on paper 30 x 720 cmHapper Together 雜交後遺症之鼻涕覓食記 (1999) Ink on paper 133 x 70 cmReunion of the Little White Pigs, The 南嫖北嫖之豬仔團聚記 (1999) Ink on paper 75 x 115 cm
Super Magic Kung Fu 混世神功 (2000) Inked stoneware plaque 553.5 x 59 x 6.5 cmGo! Bungyman 去吧!笨豬人 (2001) Oil on paper @76 x 56 cmaNYbody (2002) Inked stoneware plaque 528 x 25.7 x 11.8 cmUntitled – Bible Tile (2002) Paper mounted on cardboard Dimensions variable
Futhreeck Fucharacterck Fuprimerck 聖相圖 (2002) Oil on paper 1254 x 59 cm (a set of thirty books)Small Things, Big Issue 大小二事 (2002) Inked stoneware plaque @189.5 x 23 cmSightseeing – London River Thames (2002) Cardboard Dimensions variableStage 台階 (2002) Inked stoneware plaque 75 x 83 x 14.5 cm
Interior (2003) Acrylic on paper, silkscreen Dimensions variableInterior (2003) Acrylic on paper, silkscreen Dimensions variableUntitled No.1 無題 (2003) Acrylic on paper, silkscreen Dimensions variableUntitled – Hong Kong 無題 - 香港 (2003-04) Acrylic on paper, silkscreen Dimensions variable
I Love U (2004) Acrylic on paper Dimensions variableUntitled – Hong Kong 無題 - 香港 (2004) Acrylic on paper, silkscreen Dimensions variableChinese! It's Chinese Chinees! Eikel Chinees 死鬼佬! 正白痴 (2005) Silkscreen and acrylic on paper Dimensions variableWhite Cube (2005) Silkscreen on paper Dimensions variable
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Official artist website: http://www.tsangkinwah.com

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