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Ho, Seeman 何詩敏
Name in pinyin: He Shimin
Also known as: Erquan Shiyimi 二犬十一咪
Place of birth:
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: painting
Seeman, Ho is active in different media including painting, publication, installation, animation and theatre production. Just before her graduation from the Bachelor course of Fashion Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnics University, she had her first book published. Up till 2006, she had nine books published. She had many installation exhibitions and numerous illustrations for newspapers, magazines and non-government organizations. Her animation work was presented in the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2001 and French Animation Festival 2002. Her installation exhibition, "A Tree to be Found", was awarded a prize in the Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003. It is collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. In 2005, Seeman established her own "Seeman backyard" gallery in Central, Hong Kong.
Tree to be Found, A (2003) Installation (part); Paper, wood 3x3x3mTree to be Found, A (2003) Installation (part); Paper, wood 2.5x2x2.5mTree to be Found, A (2003) Installation (part); Paper, wood, TV Set 3.5x1.5x2mTree to be Found, A (2003) Installation (part); Paper, wood, Lamp 1.5x1x2m
Tree to be Found, A (2003) Installation (part); Paper, wood, Lamp 0.75x2.5x1mTree to be Found, A (2003) Installation (part); Paper, wood 3x3x3mTree to be Found, A (2003) Installation (part); wood, acrylic 1x1x 0.10mPaintings and sculpture from A Tree to be Found (2003) Paper, wood, acrylic
Bored (2003) Installation; wood, silk, orange 0.75x1.2x0.7m Twins Cleansing Company (2003) Installation; salt, oil paintings, glass, wood 6x5x4mSolar Power Exhibition (2003) Installation; plastic light box, oil painting 1.5x2.2x 0.2mChinese New Year (2004) Painting; computer graphic 0.5x0.35m
Reply to Old Master Q (2004) Painting; computer graphic 40x90cm Classification (2004) Painting; paper, acrylic 35x50cmThe Past (2005) Sculpture; paper, leaves 1x1x1.2mBetween True and Fake (2005) Painting; meat, noodle, fabric, egg 0.5 x 0.35m
Secret Garden (2005) Painting; paper, acrylic 20x25cmAbout Hong Kong (2005) Painting; paper, acrylic 0.5x0.35m‘The alchemist's secret garden' (2005) Installation in the bookshop 15x20x4mUK Triangle Arts Trust Hong Kong International Artists' Workshop 2005, 'Re: Wanchai' (2005) Installation; paper, acrylic 3x1x2m
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Contact the artist: seemanho@gmail.com
Official artist website: http://www.seemanho.com, http://seemanho.com/main/

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