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Kum Chi Keung 甘志強
Name in pinyin: Gan Zhiqiang
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1965-
Art Medium:
Kam held his first solo exhibition Once Upon A Time at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre in 1993. He has participated in numerous joint exhibitions in the last decade, including Inside Out: New Chinese Art held in New York in 1998. He also participated in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition of 1996 and won the 'Urban Council Fine Arts Award' of that year.
Door 門 (1995) Bird cage, newspaper cuttings of property sales advertisements, solar powered bird 290x210x310cmTransition Space 過渡空間 (1995) Bird cage, wire, solar powered bird 330x80x125cmDen 窩 (1996, 1998) Bird cage, sound 2000x100x250cmGame of the City 城市遊戲 (1997) Bird cage, chair, video, sound 450x450x100cm
The Compressed City 壓縮城市 (1997) Bird cage, rope 1000 sq. ftFruit 果 (1997) Bird cage, bamboo rack 200x200x550cmVoyage 航行歷程 (1997) Sampan, CCTV, video, solar powered bird, sound 4800x300x200cmWall 牆 (1999) Bird cages, TV, video 500x500cm
Wish 願 (1999) Bird cages, tree 2000x2000x2500cmFlying for the grains 五斗米的飛行 (1999,2001) Bird cages, solar powered bird, rice, glass bottle 100x100x250, 300x150x250cm, 250 sq. m.Jam Packed with Space 密集空隙 (1999) 1500 bird cages, TV, video 2500 sq. mPotential 潛能 (1999) Boat, TV, lighting, video, air-conditioner, voice The Staircase from G/F to 1/F
Salt Lake 鹹水湖 (1999) Boat, video, solar powered bird, aquarium, pump & water 300x300x300cmCalculating... 算 (2000) Bird cage, abacus, electronic ball 118x285x285cmHand 手 (2000) Bird cage 600x200x25cmFlying for the Gains (1999,2001) Bird cage, solar powered bird, rice, glass bottle 100x100x250cm, 200x150x250cm
Occupant 僭越 (2001) Nest, bird Ping Pong (0:0) 乒乓 (0比0) (2001) Bird cages, nests, ping pong table, yellow & white ping pong balls, TV & VCD 150x220x100cmProtector 甲 (2001) Bird cage, solar powered bird 300x300x300cmA Blue Mammal 藍色哺乳類動物 (2001) Boat, hemp rope 300x300x300cm
Birds 百鳥 (2001) Bird cages, nest, bird 4000sq. ft.Balance 平衡術 (2001) Bird cages, nest, bird 800x800x100cmBird 一鳥 (2001) Bird cages, nest, plumage 2500 sq. m.Intrusion 僭越 (2002-03) Bird cage From G/F up to the structural ceiling of 4/F at Hong Kong Arts Centre (54ft high)
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Kum Chi Keung 甘志強 2004 Artist's Statement (2004) [in English & Chinese]
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