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Li Wei Han, Rosanna 李慧嫻
Name in pinyin: Li Huixian
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: ceramics,mixed media work
Li Wei Han was born in Hong Kong. She studied studio ceramics at the former Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and art education at the University of London and University of Liverpool. She is the winner of the 1985 Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Art Award in Ceramics, and the 1999 Artist of the Year Award in Sculpture. She is an Honorary (Art) Advisor of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and a founder member and current chairperson of the Contemporary Ceramics Society (HK). She works in the School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Lemons (1983/1997) Glazed stoneware Biscuits 餅乾 (1986) Stoneware, unglazed with cobalt oxide (1260℃) 1x1 mAfter Dessert & Hand Towel, Sir! 甜品之後及先生請抹手! (1988) Stoneware, glazed Base size: 600mm diameterCakes: The More We Bake, The Happier We Make People 阿茂 (1989) Stoneware, glazed
Tea, Please! 飲茶!飲茶! (1994) Stoneware, glazed Persona 無相 (1994) Stone, life-cast press moulds, unglazed and mixed-media 1800(L)x 1600(H)cmWhich is the Most Important Tool for Clay Making & The Unfulfilled Dream (1994/1997) Installation (photos, wooden box, life cast mould), Stoneware, unglazed Photo panel: 1x2mGhost 人鬼情未了 (1994) Photo installation
Legacy of the Victoria Park 維園驚夢 (1996) Mixed media installation Decent and Indecent Shoes 雅與不雅的鞋子 (1997) Installation (shoes) Nothing to Hide & Black Box 光明磊落 及黑箱 (1997) Installation (acrylic, ready-made objects & cardboard) Little Man 小人 (1997) Stoneware, unglazed 4cm high
Hello Kai-Fong! 街坊您好! (1999) Mixed media installation (Co-work with Sindy Lai) Lonely 寂寞 (1999) Stoneware Terrace Typography: Yulan Ghost Festival (2000) Mixed media installation (photos, painted ceramics & ready-made objects) The Millennium Hand & The Clockroach (2000) Ready-made objects
Not National Treasures 不是國寶 (2001) Stoneware, glazed Hong Kong Peasants 港農 (2002) Stoneware Hong Kong Peasants 港農 (2002) Stoneware Soles for the Souls (2002) Ready-made paper shoe offerings
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