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Wong Kwok Choi, Kacey 黃國才
Name in pinyin: Huang Guocai
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1970-
Art Medium: mixed media work,performance
Wong is a member of Para/Site Art Space and the founder of Object Factory. He studied architecture at Cornell University in New York and sculpture at Chelsea School of Arts and Design in London. He teaches art, architecture, and design subjects at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The Art School of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. He exhibited and curated many exhibitions relating to the subject of space and the city: Ghost Encounter(1997), Home (1999), Personal Skyscraper (2000), City Space (2001) and Drift City (2001,2002). Wong is represented by John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong.
I-Land-Fish 己島魚 (1996) Brass plate, brass wires, & musical movements 444 (L)x74 (W)x60cm(H)Ghost Encounter 鬼遇 (1997) Mild steel, brass sheet, mirrors, wooden louvers, infrared activated fans, & musical movements 331(W)x200cm(H)Empty Mind 無心 (1998) Stainless steel, washing machine drum, mild steel rod, gold paint, & musical movements 40(L)x60(W)x160cm(H)Now, a Second Before, a Second After 現在、一秒前、一秒後 (1998) Mild steel pipes & musical movements 192(L)x28(W)x19cm(H)
Curiosity Encounter 好奇心的相遇 (1998) Mirror, toy figurines, bells, magnets, mild steel rods, & mechanical gears 100(L)x46(W)x70cm (H)Office Block 辦公室障外 (1998) Brass plate, MDF boards, toy figurines, glue, & brass chairs 29.7(L)x21(W)x8cm(D)The Horror 恐怖事 (1999) Mosaic tiles, toy figurines, coloured plaster, & wood 67(L)x16x(W)x14cm(D)The Horror (in Oil Street) 恐怖事(油街) (1999) Card boards and adhesive tapes 500(L)x60cm(H)
White Wash 白牆 (1999) Wood, lighting, cork landscape, toy figurines, chalks, chocolate, & marbles 855(L)x224(W)x15cm(D)Partition 分間 (1999) Toy figurines, & re-configured furniture 90(L)x25(W)x12cm(D)Personal Skyscraper 我的摩天大樓 (2000) Foam boards, paper, adhesive tapes, & Kacey Wong 60(W)x40(D)x230cm(H)World History 世界歷史 (2000) Toy soldiers, tanks, trucks, cork landscape, buildings, painted wood, sea shells, chalks, dusters, crystal ball, cow, deers, bird figurines, & Christmas lighting 720(L)x100(W)x10cm(D)
Dark 黑暗 (2000) Magnifying glasses, live scorpions, live crickets, toy figurines, cork landscape, coloured plaster, wood, & Christmas lighting 400(L)x100(W)x13cm(D)When exactly is the moment dreams become reality? 夢想是由何時變得真實的? (2001) Wood, lighting. miniature figurines, MDF boards, coloured plastic sheets, & paint 450(W)x360(H)x150cm(D)Standing Next To The Harbour Front Alone 一個人在尖東海旁 (2001) Painted mild steel rod 800(W)x100cm(H)Drift City (Building Making Buildings) 遊離都市 (樓樓起樓樓) (2002) Wooden blocks, glues, tables, markers, and Hong Kong cityscape 1800(L)x50(W)x100cm(H)
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Mak, Ann 麥惠儀 2003 Kacey Wong [in Chinese]
Wong Kwok Choi, Kacey 黃國才 2004 Artist's Statement [in English & Chinese]
Contact the artist: kacey_wong@hotmail.com
Official artist website: http://www.kaceywong.com

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