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Chan Hoi Ying 陳海鷹
Name in pinyin: Chen Haiying
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1918-2010
Art Medium: painting
Chan founded the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts (HKAFA) in 1952 and has devoted his life to art education. Retrospective exhibitions of his work were held at the Taiwan Museum of Art in 1993. He was invited to hold another series of exhibitions in North America in 1994. He was selected as one of the ten finalists from over a thousand entries in an international art competition held in Alabama organized by the American Society of Portrait Artists (ASOPA).
[A Sail] 破帆 (1939) Watercolour on paper 37.5x50cm[A Red Tree in the Cloud] 曇雲紅樹 (1945) Oil on canvas 50.8x68.2cm[Still Life, Fish, Pumpkin] 靜物•魚•南瓜 (1946) Oil on canvas 70x89.2cm[My Mentor – Li Tiefu] 我的導師-李鐵夫 (1949) Oil on canvas 69.5x51.5cm
[Mrs. Lui] 雷老太太 (1949) Oil on canvas 88.5x73.6cm[The Painting Master – Qi Baishi] 美術大師-齊白石 (1952) Oil on canvas 99x77.5cm[A Kid Picking Up Rubbish] 拾荒的孩子 (1957) Oil on canvas 81.5x63.6cm[Early Summer in Lu Jing] 鹿徑初夏 (1958) Oil on canvas 62x51cm
[The Russian Professor] 俄國教授 (1962) Oil on canvas 61.2x45.5cm[Still Life, Cabbage] 靜物 • 大白菜 (1963) Oil on canvas 39x50cm[Fishes] 生魚 (1966) Pencil drawing 28x38cm[Landscape, Yuen Chau Tsai, Tai Po] 風景 • 大埔元洲仔 (1969) Oil on canvas 46x61.2cm
[Flowers] 花 • 芍葯 (1975) Oil on canvas 51x40.5cm[Dr. Li Choh Ming (Founder and President of The Chinese University of Hong Kong)] 李卓敏博士 (1978) Oil on canvas size unknown[Defying] 篾視 (1982) Oil on canvas 50.8x40.6cm[Yuen Shan Series (4) – A Small Pavilion] 圓山系列(四)小庭 (1992) Pencil drawing 18x20cm
[Mr. Yu Pang Lin] 俞彭年先生 (1993) Oil on canvas 76.2x61.6cm[Golden Chrysanthemum] 金菊花 (1993) Oil on canvas 60.7x75.7cm[A Crowd of Shrimps, To Strive for the Best] 群蝦(力爭上游) (1993) Ink on paper 68x55cm[A Clear Lake in Autumn] 秋湖明淨 (1995) Watercolour on paper 27x36cm
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