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Jao Tsung-I 饒宗頤
Name in pinyin: Yao Zongyi
Also known as:
Place of birth: Guangdong, China
Dates: 1917-
Art Medium: calligraphy,ink painting
Jao won a French award for outstanding achievement in Chinese Studies, the Prix Stanislas Julien in 1962. He was awarded honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, France, and Officer de L’ordre des Arts et des Letters by the Ministry of Culture, France in 1993. The Hong Kong Arts Development Council granted the First Emeritus Fellowship to Jao in 1997. Since 1978, he has held over 20 solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, South East Asia, Japan, and China, and has published over 10 albums. He has obtained honorary doctorates from various Hong Kong Universities: The University of Hong Kong (1982); Lingnan University (1995); Open University of Hong Kong (1999). Jao has also been the recipient of the Grand Bauhinia Medal granted by the Hong Kong SAR government, and the Prize of Special Contributions to the Protection of Dunhuang Relics by People’s Government of Gansu Province and National Bureau of Relics, China in 2000.
Heavenly General 雲中天王 (1977) Ink and colour on paper 43x16cmBag Monk 布袋和尚 (1979) Ink and colour on paper 138x34cmLohan Washing an Elephant 洗象圖 (1982) Ink and colour on paper 104x30cmYuan Dynasty Poem 書楊鐵崖句 (1985) Ink on paper 138x68cm
Wu Tai Mountain 五臺山色 (1987) Ink and colour on paper 138x34cmCalligraphy in Official Style 栖雲語錄 (1995) Ink on paper 135.5x35cmCouplet in Manuscript style 草書七言聯 (1996) Ink on paper 136x30cmx2Couplet in Official Style 行書二言聯 (1997) Ink on paper 136x34.5cmx2
Four Trees 松柏同春四屏 (1997) Ink and colour on paper 138x34cmCouplet in Style of Jin Nong 漆書七言大聯 (1998) Ink on paper 223x50cmx2Willow and Bird 垂柳八哥 (1998) Ink and colour on paper 138x34cmChing Dynasty Poem (1999) Ink on paper 138x34cm
Bodhidharma 松上達摩 (1999) Ink and colour on paper 138x34cmLoquat 菖蒲枇杷 (1999) Ink and colour on paper 138x34cmThree Sisters of Blue Mountain, Australia 澳洲藍山三姊妹峰 (2000) Ink and colour on paper 27x25cmLotus 潑色荷花 (2001) Ink and colour on paper 138x60cm
Nine Fishes 九如圖 (2001) Ink and colour on paper 138x68cmNight View of Ankor Wat 吳哥窟夜色 (2001) Ink and colour on paper 138x34cmHan-shan 衡山祝融峰 (2001) Ink and colour on paper 138x68cmCalligraphy in Tang Dynasty Style 唐四家書法四屏 (2001) Ink on paper 223x50cmx4
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